For Immediate Release: January 20, 2015                                                                              Media Contact: Melissa LeEllen

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Atlanta, Ga January 20, 2015 Creative Global Entertainment (CGE) announced yesterday its official launch of the Kickstarter campaign for their Deadly Crimson project, phase one. Deadly Crimson is a joint creation between Melissa LeEllen, Owner & Founder of CGE, and Travis Chesney, co-writer. Deadly Crimson was started in 2011 as a film project.

With its official Kickstarter campaign launch, the campaign aims to attract initial funding to complete its first phase, the creation of a professional comic book, illustrated by G. David Cooper. The story of the comic book combines action, adventure, and comedy as its primary genre. “Superhero stories have really evolved over the last few years. This transition allowed the newer superhero characters to be enjoyed by all family members as well as by various demographics. The reason for creating a comic book first is that it becomes a great entryway to lead into an eventual film production,” says Chesney.

“We considered various forms of funding, but concluded that Kickstarter was the way to go. It’s a way to gain direct support at a community level, and allows contributors to be an intimate part of our progress and success. Kickstarter, which allows crowdfunding, does just that,” says LeEllen.

According to the Kickstarter website, 77,000 creative projects have been funded by 7.7 million people, totaling $1.4 Billion since its inception in 2009.

Deadly Crimson has a 30 day fund-raising window, which closes on February 19, 2015. If the targeted budget isn’t raised before the closing date, all pledges are canceled and the project will not be funded. “We want people to get as excited about this project as we are. Crimson is a great character, and more than just another superhero. This is a story where Crimson is up against the entire world.” says Chesney.

Planning for phase two and three are underway, which will include production of a movie trailer, pre-production of the film, and the continuation of the comic book series. “The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to get the first series of the comic book exposed to superhero fanatics. The fanatics is the key to allow Deadly Crimson to go viral, hence creating a demand for a feature film,” says LeEllen.

To learn more about the project, please visit the Kickstarter page:


Melissa LeEllen is local to Atlanta, GA. She has experience behind the camera from product placement, producing and creating to being in front of the camera. She is a well-rounded veteran of the industry with years of experience. She has worked directly with Sony Pictures, New Line Cinema, Happy Madison Productions to name a few.

Travis Chesney is an award winning screenwriter who is also in high demand as an industry script doctor. He has developed numerous projects from start to finish and lives in San Diego, CA.

G David Cooper, AKA Sequential Samurai, is an illustrator located in Rome, GA and has published multiple comic books. He has won several awards including “Who’s Who” among American Artist. He specializes in pencils, inks, and colors.